25 Aug 2012

Let's go to the Doburoku festival!

"Doburoku Festival" is the biggest festival in Shirakawa village.
It is held between October 14th to 19th.

Doburoku is a milky white sake made from rice and rice malt.
In Shirakawa-go, making Doburoku is permitted as Omiki (sacred wine or sake) although it is not permitted in Japan.

Doburoku is brewed from January  through October, the festival is the first day we can drink the NEW doburoku!!
It can be called NEW SAKE festival!!!!
You can drink the doburoku as much as you want!

You can see traditional performances such as Shishimai, folk songs as well.

We will run a tour bus for the Doburoku Festival on October 14th and 15th!

The detail is below!

◎DATE  :   October 14 and 15
◎FEE  :       3,800yen
(You need to buy the specific cup to drink doburoku for 400yen, it is not included)
◎Meetin point  :  JR Takayama station
◎Minimum passenger count  :  10 passengers
(Passenger must be older than 20 years old.)
12:50            Depart Takayama station
13:50            Arrive Shirakawa-go
13:50-16:45 Walk around the village & Doburoku festival
16:45            Depart Shirakawa-go
17:45            Arrive Takayama
(schedule can be changed due to traffic)

Book your seat to the fabulous doburoku festival as soon as possible, seats are filling up now!!!!
To book your seat, 
Call us : 0577-62-9545 (from overseas 81-577-62-9545)
E-mail :  tour@j-hoppers.com

Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!

We have web-site as well.

This is the short video of the Doburoku festival we went in 2009.

22 Aug 2012

Short trip to Matsumoto

I went to the Matsumoto city museum of arts last weekend.
An art exhibition of Yayoi Miyama is holding at the museum until Nov 4th.
I was really impressed by her arts!!!!
Her arts has big energy even though she is over 80 years old!!

You can check her detail from her web-site below.

She is amazing artist!!

To go to Matsumoto from Takayama, the high-way bus is easiest.
Costs 5,500yen for round trip and takes about 2 hours and half.

It's not far from Matsumoto to Takayama at all.
If you have a chance to come to Takayama,
Please visit the World Heritage Site "Shirakawa-go" with us!!!

17 Aug 2012

An ideal place for photographers!!

Shirakawa-go is an ideal place for photographers!
The guys on the first picture love taking photo sooooooo much!
They took my photo (the second picture) and sent it to me!
It was nice gift! Thank you again!!

Many photographers come to Shirakawa-go to take pictures.
Photo spots are everywhere in Shirakawa-go!!

Now you can take some photos of houses with sunflowers!

Please visit Shirakawa-go with us!!!

We will start booking for the Doburoku festival soon!
Doburoku festival is held on 14th and 15th of October!!
The detail is coing soon!!!!!!

8 Aug 2012

"Doburoku Festival" is one of the big event in Shirakawa-village.
This festival is an annual event held on October 14th-15th.
Doburoku is a milky white sake made from rice and rice molt.
You can drink free sake during the festival.
People dance and sing folk songs, and do other traditional performances during the festival.
It must be fun!!!!
Why don't you plan to come to Takayama during the festival to go to the festival??

Even if you can not come to Takayama during the festival,
there is a Doburoku Festival Museum in Shirakawa-go.
You can see the video of the festival, and you can also taste Doburoku there!
It costs 300yen to get in, it is worth going!

Visit the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go with us!

4 Aug 2012

The real "Hinamizawa"!!!!

It's been really really hot day these day,
Shirakwa-go is also really hot during the day.

Our morning tour departs Takayama Station 8:10, arrives Shirakawa-go around 9.
You can start walking around before it gets hot!!!

I think you know Shirakawa-go is listed as the World Heritage Site, but do you know that Shirakawa-go is the location where a Japanese animation “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” was modeled after.

Many people who love the animation come to visit Shirakawa-go.

These are pictures of  "ema" in the Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine.
"Ema" is a board that is offered to a shrine in prayer for future good luck or after one's wish comes true.

You can see many "ema" drawn characters on it from the animation.

I found good web-site explained about Hinamizawa and Shirakawa-go.
This is it,

Visit the real Hinamizawa with our tour!